Rehabilitation Training & Medical Fitness

We are also happy to look after clients who have limited movement patterns due to an operation, an accident or an illness. Often these people wish to get back into their everyday lives quickly and strengthened, but not infrequently there is a lack of an approach on how this can be optimally implemented. We design an individual training plan for you, which helps you to live a normal daily routine again. You don't have to face this challenge alone! Our rehabilitation and medical fitness training experts will provide you with the support you need. For more safety, more mobility and more joie de vivre without major restrictions – even for people of increasing age with weakened muscles. Markus Mann has been working in the field of medical fitness since 2005 and opened his first studio for medical fitness training in Homburg/Saar in 2007, followed by a 2nd in Kleinblittersdorf/Saar. In addition to his own experience after major knee injuries, the experience for optimal therapy also lies in the hip, spine and shoulder area.